Friday, September 2, 2011

never, no! not in a million.. okay. let's learn about I.

I never wanted this blog to be about my hair- and I have every intention for it not to be.  I also have intentions of updating it daily but whattyagonnado?

I am markedly changing my hair this weekend... and I don't want to give away any surprises but it all goes to plan, it'll look cool.

I've been thinking about chemistry a lot.  One color, that tends to show up in designers' palettes at least once a year is bold, red/pink purple.  This is the darker version of my favorite color.  I have a very particular favorite color and it can be created in a lab easily because I did it in both of my chemistry classes.  I'd say my favorite element is mercury (Hg) since it's so fucking weird, but since you're not allowed to ever play with or experiment with it, then my favorite element is iodine (I) because it makes pretty colors.

Some facts about iodine:
  • it's atomic number is 53 (that means it has 53 protons, y'all!)
  • it's a halogen, like chlorine, and exists in diatomic molecules (I2, what what!)
  • at room temp, it's a violet gas but if you can get that shiz solid, it's silvery gray
  • this is news to me, but according to wikipedia, iodine deficiency is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation (EAT YOUR SALT, G!)
  • fuchsia is spelled F-U-C-H-S-I-A, also something I learned this week.

picture time!

Solid iodine
oh shiz!  it evaporated into the most beautiful color in the world

and as you can imagine, this is the color I intend to get my hair today.  because it's all about I.

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